Friday, February 22, 2013

Good News for ELSA

As seen on the ELSA mailing list:

Dear ELSA community,

I want to officially announce that I've taken a position with Mandiant Corporation. At Mandiant, I will continue work on ELSA.  ELSA will, of course, remain free and open-source (GPLv2), and I will continue to add features and bug fixes. Mandiant is working on building additional capabilities that rely on ELSA, and I am part of that effort.  

This is very exciting for both myself and the community!  It guarantees I will have time to work on ELSA, it means there will be a form of ELSA commercial support (details to follow at a later date), and it means that Mandiant is committed to making sure that ELSA will continue to be a strong, open source platform for years to come.

I also want to affirm what it does not mean:  ELSA will not become "hobbled."  There will not be "disabled" features in the web console, etc.  The additional capabilities we are building at Mandiant will be a separate, though related project.  I also want to reassure everyone that any patterns, plugins, or code contributed from the community will continue to go back into ELSA.

So, you can now know with certainty that there will always be a free, open source, and community supported ELSA!
As always, please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions or concerns.